Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis


Abacus delivers subject matter and professional consulting expertise for engineering, operational, and economic decision support in specialty markets.


  • C4I Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • Physical Security/Force Protection
  • Mission Assurance
    • Transportation Safety (Multi-Modal)
    • Space Launch Operations
    • Navigational Aids RM&A/FMEA
  • FMS Program Execution
    • International Deployment
    • ITAR/Export Control
  • Survey Design, Delivery & Data Processing
  • Special Studies
    • Competitive Sourcing
    • Recovery Audits
    • Organizational Design
    • Productivity/ROI
    • Fuel Technology Assessment
    • Resource Allocation

Data Analytics

Abacus efficiently manipulates data files in conducting analytical studies, statistical modeling, and simulations to improve energy distribution, traffic safety, logistics, and health benefit payment operations.

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