Enterprise Information Technology


Abacus is a premier provider of enterprise-wide IT services. We fully support end user computing and connectivity needs as well as cross domain information security in various classified and unclassified networking environments.


infrastructure o&m

Abacus performs complete IT infrastructure architecture, installation, and management, support for continuous up-time services.

  • Data Center Managed Services
    • Interactive Service Catalog
    • Multi-tenant Housing & Hosting
    • IT/Cloud Strategy and Transformation
    • Environmental Monitoring & Load Balancing
  • Server Administration
    • Patch Management
    • Messaging, Directory & File Services
    • Virtualization
  • Storage Administration
    • Storage Area Network
    • Network Attached Storage
  • Database/System Administration
  • Asset Management
    • Inventory/Logistics Support
    • Configuration Control
    • Technology Refresh
  • Continuity of Operations Planning & Disaster Recovery (COOP/DR)

Cloud Computing

  • Led DOE legacy system transformation to Cloud SaaS, garnering recognition for client as Data Innovation of the Year.
  • Implemented ServiceNow, a cloud-based ITSM tool, as a SaaS offering for DOI.
  • Established Private Cloud proof of concept for IaaS and PaaS in a managed Data Center at NASA/KSC.

Abacus engineers and fully supports secure voice, video, and data networks over a highly scalable, and reliable telecommunications backbone.

  • Network Design, Engineering & Administration
    • Wired/Wireless
    • Classified/Unclassified
    • Secured/Non-Secured (e.g., SIPR, NIPR, DREN, JWICS)
  • Telephony O&M
    • Telephone Switch Systems
    • VoIP Technology Support
  • Inside/Outside Cable Plant Installation & Maintenance
  • Tactical Data Link Transmission/Display
  • Communication System O&M
    • Personal Wireless Systems
    • Satellite Communications
    • Public Address Systems
    • E911 Emergency Communications
    • Video Teleconferencing Systems
    • Space Launch Communications
    • Ground Based & Land Mobile Radio Systems
  • Radar and Sensor System

Global Positioning Systems

Abacus uses the Geo Trimble GIS service to record geospatial data on the location and physical attributes of repairs, modifications, and additions in cable plant installation pathways.

end user support

Abacus manages 24×7 call centers and provides responsive support (remote & hands-on) to maximize user services and productivity.

  • Service Desk Support
    • Tier 1
    • Tier 2
    • Tier 3
  • Remote Desktop Services/ VPN
  • Account Management/Provisioning Data Archive, Back-up & Restoration
  • Desk-side Support
    • HW/SW Installation, Configuration & Maintenance
    • System/Applications Management
    • Network Connectivity

Knowledge Management

Abacus maintains a robust database that serves as an enterprise-wide repository of FAQs and alerts for quick reference by help desk specialists in resolving end user trouble calls.

cyber security

Abacus monitors operating networks and safeguards support systems against unauthorized access and other threats to proprietary data.

  • Information Assurance
    • Management Review/Compliance Audit
    • Qualitative/Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Secure Communications
    • Cryptographic Support
    • Data Encryption
  • Certification & Accreditation/Assessment & Authorization
  • Incident Response/Remediation
  • Network Defense
    • Access Control/Boundary Protection
    • Vulnerability Assessment/ Countermeasures
    • Penetration Testing/ Intrusion Detection
    • Firewall Management
  • Risk Management Framework Support

Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring

Abacus supported DHS’ pilot CDM program and installed sensors for remote network scanning and monitoring to identify, prioritize, and mitigate cyber risks at select agencies.

software/systems engineering

Abacus provides the full range of integrated processes for delivering optimized software and interoperable system solutions.

  • Life Cycle Management
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Capacity Planning
    • Design & Build
    • Data/Configuration Management
    • IV&V/Testing
    • Fielding & Sustainment
  • System Integration
  • Legacy System/Data
  • COTS Customization
  • SW Development/Maintenance/Modernization
    • Agile Scrum & Kanban
    • DevOps Methodologies
    • Web & Mobile Apps
  • Application Security/PKI
  • Performance Engineering
  • Technology Insertion

Mission Software Enhancement

Abacus developed a Weather Data Archive web application providing the NASA Kennedy Spaceport with new automated playback capability of cloud-to-ground lightning events over selected date and time intervals.

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