Leo Velasquez, Information Technology Specialist

What attracted you to Abacus?  When I researched Abacus, & learned about one of their many contracts with NASA. I was immediately attracted to this company, & I was intrigued as to how Abacus would help grow my career .

What is your role at Abacus?  My role at Abacus is an IT Specialist, that provides custumer service for software, & hardware throughout the company.

What excites you about your work? Coming to work each day in a great atmosphere of warm & positive coworkers to work with.

I would like to learn how to…cook gourmet style food.  I’d love to attend some cooking classes that teach you how to put together a full dinner spread.

Charities, causes, or institutions I currently do/plan to support in the future…I’m a current member of Covenant life Church in Gaithersburg MD. Where we serve around 200 meals to the homeless at Homebuilder’s Care Assessment Center in Rockville MD.

I have lived in the following cities…Washington DC., Hagerstown MD., & Silver Spring MD.

My favorite place I’ve traveled to… Colombia S.A. where they have the most beautiful beach called La Playa de las Aguas Caliente, where the water is warm & relaxing all year around.

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