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To deliver the solutions our clients expect from us, we frequently collaborate with vendors and other partners. Examples of some industry tools and methods that Abacus has configured and implemented to cost-effectively advance customer operations include:


In support of government-wide efforts to provide adequate, risk-based, and cost-effective cybersecurity, Abacus provides Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) tools and services that enable our clients to strengthen the security posture of their cyber networks. Our CDM approach transforms static security assessment and risk mitigation processes into a dynamic program that provides near real-time security status, as well as the tools and metrics necessary to effectively manage risk, handle security issues, and identify suspicious activity. For more information contact Archie Riviera.


Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a new addressing system for Internet connected devices. The massive growth of internet endpoints has made this change necessary. The old schema (IPv4) enabled around 4.3 billion unique addresses. IPv6 will allow 340 undecillionths new addresses (3.40 followed by 38 zeros). Although IPv6 provides the Internet with enough addressing power to handle the “Internet of Things” (i.e., everything including your refrigerator and other home devices), it will be a challenge for the average Enterprise IT department to successfully transition to IPv6.

Abacus can help our customers develop policies and required modifications to successfully adapt to IPv6. For a successful implementation, IT organizations will need to strategize on issues such as how long to support IPv4, what upgrades and replacements are necessary, and how to make the cutover invisible to customers. Abacus can also help organizations determine which methods can be used to provide a “Dual-Stack” (IPv4 and IPv6) as a near term solution, and most importantly, how IPv6 will affect an entire network infrastructure and its security posture since IPv6 traffic can bypass firewalls and access control lists (ACLs). For more information contact Archie Riviera.


This Enterprise Asset Management software produced by IBM stores and organizes data for ready access and processing to support and facilitate business operations. Abacus has proven experience in the use of Maximo for Work Order Management integrated with our financial system to provide total cost visibility. This application enables us to schedule work, assign resources, track status, and make real time adjustments to fully satisfy customer priorities in a paperless environment. For more information on Maximo 7.5 functionality and related tools, contact Dan Evans.


Mobile applications, such as smart-phone apps, allow IT technicians to connect to their IT Service Management (ITSM) tools directly from their phone. Abacus helps customers integrate apps from Mobile Reach (Splitware’s Mobility Platform) with ServiceNow — the leading cloud based ITSM product. This integration enables field technicians to update, create, and manage ServiceNow IT asset records directly from a ruggedized barcode scanner connected to a mobile application that transfers that information directly into ServiceNow. This reduces the touch labor per scanned item by more than 50% and increases the data integrity in the asset database. For more information contact Archie Riviera.


MOVEit is a secure, flexible, and highly manageable means of reliably moving data between environments while protecting data and customers’ internal systems. Abacus utilizes MOVEit for our customers who need a managed file transfer solution because it:

  • Provides a single, secure system for all of our business-critical file transfers between External and Internal environments.
  • Provides a simple user interface to easily define workflows
  • Automatically logs all file transfer activity in a tamper-evident database
  • Provides extensive reporting capabilities
  • Supports anti-virus protection from McAfee, Symantec, and Sophos
  • Provides encryption and utilizes protocol rules (FTPS, SFTP, SSH, and HTTP/S)
  • Provides hardened server settings and OS-independent security.
  • For more information on Abacus and MOVEit contact Susan Suskin.


Abacus uses RFID technology to enhance its property management capabilities while also eliminating end-user interruptions. RFID tags increase inventory accuracy and control as well as help mitigate equipment loss or misplacement, especially on those items subject to frequent moves (e.g., iPads, portable handheld radios).


As a leading provider of cloud-based services, ServiceNow focuses on transforming IT’s relationship to its customers by automating and standardizing business processes and consolidating IT operations across the global enterprise. Abacus helps organizations deploy ServiceNow to create a single system of record for enterprise IT, lower operational costs, and enhance processing efficiency. Abacus also can help customers use ServiceNow’s extensible platform to build custom applications for automating activities unique to their business requirements. For more information contact Archie Riviera.

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