Raymond Zdancewicz

ray webRay Zdancewicz is a Vice President with Abacus Technology who has more than 34 years of progressive professional research, consulting, and management experience. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Systems Engineering and currently serves as the firm's ISO 9001 Quality System Manager for IT Project Management and Operations as well as Officer in Charge of Proposal Development and Infrastructure Support. In addition, Ray oversees enterprise-wide corporate services to ensure that critical administrative functions are being consistently and cost-effectively performed to fully meet the needs of Headquarters, field office, and client site-based project operations. In this capacity, he provides ad hoc advisory and hands-on technical assistance in the areas of staffing and recruiting, human resources, web site/intranet content management, security, and facilities administration. Other roles and responsibilities include Mentor-Protégé program management, GSA Schedule contract maintenance, and ATNet configuration control.

During his 30-year tenure at Abacus, Ray has also served as Team Lead for special projects involving employee compensation, training/certification, and OCI monitoring; Executive Director of market research/analysis; and Interim Facility Security Officer. In the early years of Abacus, he supported government customers by supplying economic analysis, program planning, business process modeling, and performance measurement expertise in the conduct of organizational and operational improvement studies, productivity assessments, engineering technology evaluations, management system reviews, compliance audits, and outreach production. These technical and managerial services primarily covered the areas of transportation, energy, defense, and resource allocation.