Dennis Yee

Dennis Yee is the owner and President of Abacus Technology Corporation. Established in 1983 by Mr. Yee, the firm has steadily grown to become a premier provider of information technology strategy and support services to both government and commercial clients worldwide. His responsibilities include overseeing all financial and operational aspects of the firm.

Mr. Yee’s achievements, profiled in publications such as the Washington Post and Inc. Magazine, are directly attributable to his background. He is the son of Chinese immigrants who owned and operated a laundry and numerous restaurants in New York. They instilled in Mr. Yee a respect for hard work, a dedication to customer service, and an entrepreneurial spirit that guides his efforts to this day.

Further, in Abacus’ formative years as an SBA-certified 8(a) company, Mr. Yee adopted a business model focusing, not on quick expansion and over-reliance on set asides, but on the long-term, strategically developing staff expertise and a diverse portfolio of services, and building a reputation for value and quality that would help the company survive after graduation. His unwavering commitment to this approach has served him well—Abacus has been thriving for many years and is one of the most successful companies that has ever graduated from the 8(a) program.

Mr. Yee is a fierce advocate for small and minority businesses. He has testified before Congress on reform of the 8(a) program to ensure that these businesses obtain their fair share of Federal procurement dollars. Under his direction, Abacus has entered into subcontracting agreements and mentor-protégé arrangements designed to assist other small businesses achieve self-sufficiency and continuing profitability.

Prior to Abacus, Mr. Yee was on the consulting staff of three prominent international consulting firms: Booz Allen & Hamilton, Stanford Research Institute and Cresap, McCormick & Paget. With these firms, Mr. Yee provided management and technology consulting services to a variety of Federal, state, and local organizations as well as Fortune 500 firms.

Mr. Yee’s academic credentials include a BA in Economics from Syracuse University, as well as an MA in Economics and an MBA in Finance from George Washington University.

Mr. Yee supports a number of children’s charities in the Washington, DC area, including Neediest Kids, Little Sisters of the Poor and the Youth Apostles, and plays an active role in the Asian-American business community, both locally and nationally.