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Relevant Project Experience

Relevant Project Experience

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Successful Performance-Based Acquisition Contractor

Abacus Technology has been supporting the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) of the Department of the Interior (DOI) since 2009. The Abacus Contract with BSEE was let under Subpart 37.6 – Performance Based Acquisition in 2008. Abacus responded to a set of Statements of Objectives (SOO) which were used to develop a performance work statement (PWS) and implement a Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP). The contract also included measureable performance standards (Service Level Agreements – SLA) which were used to assess our performance; and a set of financial Incentives/Disincentives for exceeding or not meeting the SLA.

Abacus Technology provides BSEE with a broad suite of enterprise IT services, including user support, network services, systems monitoring, web services, data backup, telecommunications, continuity of operations (COOP) and disaster recovery (DR), information assurance, incident resolution, asset management (i.e., logistics and configuration management), engineering services, continuous diagnostic monitoring (CDM) and inventory management. We:
  • Provide end-user support and assure a unified interface across all locations with a common "look and feel" for BSEE.
  • Support the national network and its associated services including the Enterprise Help Desk/Call Center, desktop support, system upgrades and changes, administration and integration of all databases and test labs.
  • Provide the full suite of system engineering and integration services in support of new hardware, software and system deployments.
  • Provide web application development and web design services which includes documenting requirements, developing system designs, coding, testing, and deploying web software systems. Custom web applications we have developed include a new employee provisioning custom application, an IT service request ticketing application, an Asset Tracking System, and a Contractor Tracking System.
  • Implemented and integrated ServiceNow, a cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) tool, into the BSEE environment as a Cloud (Software as a Service – SaaS) service. We integrated all asset and configuration data gathered inside the BSEE environment to automatically populate the Cloud based database (Configuration Management Data Base – CMDB).

Experienced Mobile App and Virtualization / Private Cloud Developers

On our NASA Kennedy Space Center Information Management and Communications Support (IMCS) contract, Abacus Technology provides all launch related communications systems as well as IT and Datacenter support. Notably, we:
  • Provide applications system development, implementation and maintenance support. We support the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) which includes design, development and implementation of over 200 agency and center level applications as well as over 800 web pages. Services include analyzing requirements, developing schedules, maintaining existing software, performing software engineering, and developing new software in C, C++, C#, ASP, ColdFusion, XML, RSS, Podcasting, Flash, Adobe Flex, Action Scripting, PERL, Content Management Systems, PHP, JAVA, Web 2.0, .NET, and Silverlight.
  • Provide end user computing support to over 200 users using desktop computers for scientific and imbedded processor support outside of the ACES program.
  • Operate and maintain the Kennedy Data Center which consists of over 600 servers running on a combination of Dell, Sun, and SAN storage systems. We operate and maintain over 200 web servers running on IIS, Apache, and WebSphere. The supported operating systems range from Windows to various distributions of LINUX (Ubuntu, RHEL, Debian), and SCO, as well as Sun Solaris UNIX. (Note: We have virtualized over 335 servers which are running VMWare.)
  • Operate, maintain, manage, and provide sustainment engineering of all center level telecommunications services including cabling, public address systems and video distribution systems. The distribution systems range from radios and terrestrial analog systems to digital transmission systems supporting operational and institutional transport of voice/data/video. We maintain digital communications channels ranging from Fiber Channel, to 10Gigabit Ethernet, SONET, DWDM, and GPON.
  • Support over 500 database applications which are powered by Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, and Ruby on Rails.
  • Provides the full spectrum of IA/cyber security support to KSC from System Security Plan development to boundary protection, intrusion detection, incident response, and patch management.
  • Leveraged the use of a private cloud system called a "VBlock" to advance our virtualization efforts at Kennedy Space Center. Adoption of this technology is enabling the transition from a Data Center services model to an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model. Our virtualization efforts have saved over $2.5M per year in technical refresh costs and over $26,000 per month in electrical savings.
  • Developed mobile applications for inventory management and enhanced intercom/conferencing services during launch missions. Also deployed a mobile Maximo application for pilot use on iPads to demonstrate work order management and processing from field locations.

As part of our science and technology services, we support engineering and scientific applications such as WindChill, ProE, MATHMATICA, Arc GIS and other custom developed applications that perform modeling and simulation of exhaust plumes as well as perform thermal imagery and vibration analysis of launch vehicles. We also support an experimental Beowulf Cluster comprised of over 24 computational nodes.

Trusted IT Partner Processing Classified, Sensitive, Proprietary, and Privacy Act Data

For our Department of State Technical Support for Arms Control and International Security (TSACIS) contract, Abacus Technology provides IT and related support services to DoS's Technology Division of the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, which reports to the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security. Abacus provides 24/7/365 support for the full suite of applications and infrastructure supporting U.S. licensing and compliance for more than $200B annually in commercial foreign military exports. We respond to other initiatives such as supporting 50+ formal applications in multiple domains that process classified, sensitive, proprietary, and/or Privacy Act information or data; providing business analysis support; and incorporating opportunities for improvement into the system plans/activities. We also stood up a cloud-based development environment using Amazon web services. In addition, Abacus is responsible for system and network administration on nine networks (including part of OpenNet, ClassNet, and SIPRNet). We work closely with DoS IA and Diplomatic Security (DS) in risk assessments and remediation of security following DoS, NIST, and FISMA guidelines. Help Desk staff members provide operational support for applications up to Tier 2 with hand-offs to Tiers 3 and 4 as necessary. Our cyber security support includes full C&A lifecycle from definition and documentation of security controls through POAM identification and remediation; system and network vulnerability scanning; application development security compliance; and systems access and authentication measures.

Modernizing Systems Using Agile Processes

As a subcontractor to Cambridge International Systems, Inc., Abacus Technology is assisting the US Customs and Border Protection Cargo Systems Program Directorate (CSPD) with O&M Sustainment Services and Development Operations. The Task Order (TO) was awarded to Cambridge against the Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge (EAGLE) II, Functional Category (FC) 1, utilizing Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) track. Sustainment services are applied to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) set of applications.

Abacus supports Cambridge and CSPD in modernizing systems by using Agile processes. The portfolio of supported systems includes Legacy Automated Commercial Environment (L-ACE) subsystems, the legacy Automated Commercial System (ACS), and the New Automated Commercial Environment (N-ACE). Abacus is committed to CSPD and is working with the incumbent contractor to openly share and communicate information and perform all transition activities on a non-interference basis recognizing that the incumbent contractor has ongoing mission support responsibilities during the transition.

Abacus is supporting Team Cambridge in the modernization of sustainment and operations of L- ACE and N-ACE while aiding CSPD in ongoing implementation of an automated development pipeline: a modernized continuous integration, build, test and deployment infrastructure. Abacus is assisting Team Cambridge with the use of Agile Scrum and Agile Kanban: Scrum to support larger and more complex efforts associated with enhancing and refactoring applications; Kanban to quickly address and bug fix and maintenance releases. In both Scrum and Kanban we continuously integrate to allow us to iteratively repeat the code, build, test cycle that provides cadence with quality.